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Instructional Programs


Individual Private Lessons

One to one attention is almost always the most effective manner for teaching and for learning.  It gives the student the maximum amount of attention from the instructor on every shot, and allows the instructor to create a broad based plan for improvement.


On Course Lessons

The instructor has the ability to work with the student in a couple of different ways during an on course session.  The first form of instruction is Game Analysis.  Game Analysis is when the instructor has very little or no interaction with the player.  The instructor simply watches the student and takes notes on their decisions and performance on the golf course.  He then reviews the student’s performance and creates a plan for improvement.  The second form of on course instruction is when the instructor simply coaches the student through every shot on the golf course.  The instructor makes all the decisions for the player and shows the student how to truly play the game.


Clinics and Golf Specific Camps

Clinics and Camps are very popular with the Women’s Golf League and Junior Program.  These clinics are great to offer at the beginning of the season and throughout.  These clinics offer basic instruction, as well as a social aspect to learning.  They can last for one hour and up to 5 hours.


Women’s Rookie Club/One Club Clinics

These clinics focus on only one specific club or shot.  These clinics take place once a week for one hour.  Each week we focus on a different aspect of the game of golf.  The pre-determined schedule allows the student to pick and choose which areas of their game that they would like to work on.


Individual Lesson Series/Golfer Development Programs

These packages are designed to give those students who are serious about improving their game a formal outline and written plan for improvement.  This form of lessons helps the student to commit to the entire process of becoming a better overall player and not just better at one specific area of their game.  It gives the student the opportunity to practice between sessions.

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