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Hawk Pointe is committed to preserving New Jersey’s lush green trees, wildlife
and pre-revolutionary history which is unmatched in the tri-state region. This
commitment has brought Hawk Pointe to where it is today.

Richard Cotton, a lifelong resident of Warren County and managing partner of Hawk Pointe
Community had a vision for a parcel of land located off of Route 31in Washington, New Jersey.
Previous plans for the land called for a vast housing development which would have had adverse
effects on the surrounding areas. However, Richard Cotton’s vision was to create a balance between
open space and development. His plan was to transform a 325-acre parcel of land into a self-sustaining,
land-based planning project which would benefit local, rural communities and not damage the delicate environmental balance or the significance of the land.

The project would provide a minimum of 80% open space in some form of parks or recreation. The project would also create local jobs and put in place many sustainable initiatives. Other initiatives would follow including wildlife conservation, historical preservation, and alternative energy.

In 2000, the plan called for an 18-hole championship golf course, which would be called Hawk Pointe Golf Club. While a typical golf course only requires 150 acres to design and build a golf course, Hawk Pointe incorporated 250 acres of rolling hills and lush tree lines. The reason behind this concept was to respect the open space, the wetlands, the historical features of the land while not disturbing the neighborhoods surrounding the space.

Hawk Pointe would become known as a multi-generational place where families could gather and play, meet, or spend time together. Hawk Pointe Golf Club is a private, non-equity facility which fosters a sense of community among Members and Families.